E3 2011 FFXIII-2 Demo Report

The demo starts out with Noal and Serah entering Cocoon through a glowing portal, followed by Mog. Noal has never been there before and before he could really begin enjoying the view of Pulse, they are attacked by Atlas, a large ghost like creature who operates a large mechanical arm.

After defeating Atlas, he crashes the surrounding area, causing surrounding guards and academics into a frenzy.

Alyssa and Serah in front of a grave stone.

The demo then skips ahead a bit, the scenery is gray and rainy, the drops liteally “stick” to the camera lens. The young blonde girl featured in the extended trailer is among the guards gathered in the area. Her name is Alyssa, she asks  Serah and Noal to check for grave sites as they travel through the next stage, which looks like more ruins of Cocoon.

There are a few glowing portals, and they don’t seem to know where they came from, whether they were man made or not, or where they lead. Alyssa alludes to them being portals to alternate universes, chatting over the mobile communicator about how she could really be a character in someone’s dream or what if she’s not the real “her”.

At the end of the stage Atlas returns, but this time you have a few options about how you’d like to go about things. There is an ancient glowing device that may or may not control Atlas and you may choose to attempt to activate it. Or you can choose to fight Atlas head on. I think there may have been other options which appear on the map as exclamation marks, but I didn’t check.

Anyways, a stage screen pops with 4 options, including asking the other characters for their opinions or to decide for yourself. I chose “live for the moment” though thinking about it, I wish I had listened to the other characters. Afterward I immediately ran for Atlas, regardless of knowing that was probably the wrong option.

I was right, Atlas killed Noal in on hit and then I gamed over. It was alright though, there were other attendees waiting to try it out.

Here’s some video footage of the demo thanks to Aibo from FF-Reunion.net:

E3会場のゲームプレイ映像がアップ!セラ&ノエルVSボス? (情報:コメ欄ゾルフ・J・キンブリ様)

The press conference is going on right now. Here are the points that have been revealed so far according to IGN:

  • Rap music: Yes, some of the background music we heard had some rapping going on. Really. 
  • Cinematic Action: Key battles will include moments of Cinematic Action, which is another name for quick-time events. For instance, during a battle against the behemoth Atlas I had to push the analog stick to the right in order to dodge its fist, and then press the X button at the right moment to land a heavy sword attack right on its forehead. 
  • Add Monsters to Party: Along with three character slots, your party also has two monster slots. If a felled beast leaves behind a crystal, you can slot that monster into your party and it will fight alongside you.
  • Mog Clock: When a monster appears on the world map, the Mog Clock can be seen underneath its feet. It counts down from green to yellow to red states and is essentially a timer that will reward you with a preemptive attack if you attack it quickly enough. Wait until the clock is red, though, and the enemy will have the advantage once you enter battle.
  • Live Trigger: These are in-game cutscenes that either give you more information about your current objective or provide a new option for overcoming it.

I love the Live options, they’re so important in making a turn based RPG less stagnant and exciting. Oh, and the rap music. I felt like I was playing The World Ends With You and I loved it.


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