E3 2011 Disneyland Interactive

I’m not a big fan of Kinect games, I find interacting with it to be difficult and sluggish, often unresponsive and generally unpleasant. That in mind, most of it’s titles are aimed at children, so nothing complicated goes on.

Disneyland Interactive isn’t any different. However, the graphics are adorable and Disneyland looks amazing. It looks exactly as it should on a sunny day, complete with crowds of kiddies and mascots. The highlights other than exploring the theme park and hugging Mickey endlessly are the attractions.

The attractions allow your customizable kid to collect golden mickeys which earn you different scores and involve more interactive levels. In my demo, another attendee and I flew with Peter Pan through Neverland. Gliding as we were, controlling the kids was difficult for both of us. Many a wall smash later we finished the level and could proceed to fight Captain Hook, but we exited the demo then.

It’s really lovely to see and I like the concept, but practically speaking, children will enjoy it more than anyone, if the have the patience for the control system.