E3 2011 Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

I know it:s not a Square Enix title, but I don’t care, there isn’t a series I love more.

I had only seen a brief trailer before of Skyward Sword prior to coming to E3 and since I don’t enjoy spoiling everything for myself, I hadn’t really kept up with the news surrounding it. I was only excited that not only would we get to enjoy Link’s adventures on the Wii once more, but the makeover was colorful and charming.

And then I saw Zelda’s makeover and the Lord Ghirahim and the birds, and aww I can’t wait for this game to release. The demo felt so complete and ready so hopefully it will come out during 2011.

The demo had three options: Flying, Dungeon, and Boss

The attendee before me played the Flying and Boss levels, so I chose Dungeon. I’m uploading the footage I recorded his play through, so I’ll add them below.

Anyways, the dungeon level opens with a Forest Temple motif, sandstone walled enclosure with Skulltula and some fighting monsters. After hitting a pink gem using the bow, the door to the tower in the middle opens. Inside you fight a Stalfos, who unfortunately kicked my butt and I ended up spending most my time fighting him.

Afterward there is a treasure chest and the blue lady I assume is the Skyward Sword pops up and says the beetle has been upgraded. Her speech is very technical, like a computer. The beetle is this really neat new weapon in Link’s arsenal, it’s mechanical and clinches to Link’s arm, it can be launched and controlled via the Wii-mote like a remote control airplane. You can fly it around to collect rupees and hearts, attack Skulltula, or hit the pink jewel which will allow Link to leave.

Outside of the tower, I lost track of what I was doing while playing with the beetle and my time ran out. The demo lines were short, so I may consider going back again tomorrow.

Based on what I saw, this game does what Legend of Zelda always does. Provide a fun adventure with new and innovative play styles. The theme overall in this title is flying, thus Link ditches Epona for a bird and like the beetle weapon, be prepared for some fancy Wii-mote controlling.

Link and the red bird.

Zelda on the blue bird. You can't see her from this view though.

Above the demo station there were these awesome huge figures hanging around, the birds had built in speakers and would squawk quite loudly.