E3 2011 Other 3DS Demos

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS

With Master Quest! I never had a chance to enjoy the second release of the game with harder levels and more monsters but finally we will all be able to enjoy it shortly. I’d never played a 3DS game prior to this, so I was a little shocked, how the screen is literally like a 3D hologram you see in books.  Compared to the other two games I looked at, I felt like the effect was the strongest in Ocarina, but maybe that’s just due to unfamiliarity with the system but extreme familiarity with the game.

Anyways! They had 3 level options, Kokiri Forest, Kokiri Forest Master Quest, and Water Temple. Of course I picked the Master Quest one!

To be honest though, I didn’t get far enough to really see differences other than the appearance of some new monsters. The slingshot and I assume the bow as well, have a neat feature where in order to aim you literally must move the 3DS around to view your surroundings. Other than that, it’s the same Ocarina of Time we’ve always enjoyed and will continue to do so on the new port.

Pokedex 3D

This is a free title that is downloadable on the Nintendo Shop. You can view your Pokemon in 3D, they had AR cards available where 4 different types could be viewed. I love Pokemon, but unless you love staring at your Pokemon, this is just boring.

Resident Evil Revelations

I didn’t realize this was a 3DS title until I saw it in the demo booth. I adore the Resident Evil games so I gave it a try. And yay, they stuck to what is great! The play style is the same as RE4,just reformatted to the 3DS.

My only real complaint is that the camera was sluggish, and when you are surrounded by mutated zombies, camera angles need to be in your favor. I played until I ran out of ammo, but I think I was near the end of the demo anyways. Can’t wait to check this one out!


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