E3 2011 Zelda HD

While I’m still on the Nintendo topic, Nintendo announced during their Press Conference that along with Wii U, there making Zelda HD. That’s the Legend of Zelda, in high definition.

But why try to describe it when you can see it for yourself.

Footage courtesy of IGN!

You can also see the Wii U in action, I’m so excited. And some omake:


2 thoughts on “E3 2011 Zelda HD

  1. Sadly that’s only a tech demo demonstrating the capabilities of the Wii U :( It’s only a HD segment of the boss battle in Twilight Princess. However, I’m quiet exited to see these graphics in the next Zelda title! :D

    Love the Zelda pin~ <3

  2. Laaaaame. I want it to be real! It’s so beautiful! Sounds like the PS3 version of FF7 demo they did a few years back, those sneaky punks.

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