Final Fantasy 零式 Type-0

She's Class Zero Rem, so cute!

Does anyone remember back when the ominous third title bearing the name Final Fantasy Agito XIII used to be a thing, and it was going to be for the mobile phone, and it looked awful? Then SQEX said that looks too bad and everyone hates mobile games so we’ll make it for the PSP, but while we are at it, let’s give it a new name and hope everyone forgets about the early production?

At least, that’s the rough beginnings that Final Fantasy 零式 comes from. No longer bearing XIII in the title and instead opting for a Japanese word ‘reishiki’, which essentially means ‘type zero’. Though the number has been dropped, it still goes worth saying that Type-0 involves the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe of the other XIII titles.

Anyways, when I saw the old content from it back before the new title I couldn’t have been less interested. I thought it looked atrocious, badly designed, gameplay was choppy and messy, just everything done wrong except for the few seconds of pretty CG scenes shown in trailers. However more and more content about this title has been releasing lately and my interest is beginning to peak.

Active world map resembling FF series from the PS1.

Not only have the line up of characters been revealed, who look mightily improved, more details about the game are explained on the official site. The aspects harking back to previous games are apparent, like an active world map, special missions, summons, etc. But on top of all that the title is set to have a multiplayer function. I can’t think of a Final Fantasy game sans Dissidia that has one, and I hate that game.

I think it’ll end up being a clash between FFVII Crisis Core and classic FF games with an interactive team representing different battle elements. Though the color scheme is a bit drab to me, I think it’s come a long way and is shaping up, expect to hear more about it soon. The Japanese release is sometime this year.