Birth by Sleep Vol. 3 To The Future – Final Chapter Translation

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Game Novel Vol. 3
Written by Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan by Nomura Tetsuya and Oka Masaru


Deep within the Castle That Never Was, Xemnas sat heavily in a large chair. His stare rested on the single set of armor and Keyblade before him.

“It’s been a long time… Old friend…”

This place was called the Room of Sleep. There was also another, one that he hadn’t found yet but knew existed somewhere within a castle. In that room, there was another friend. Somewhere in that castle, within Castle Oblivion.


During their ongoing adventure confronting Organization XIII, the trio of heroes  Sora, Donald, and Goofy, paid a visit to the Hall of the Cornerstone located in Disney Castle as if summoned there.

“Suppose you realize the secret of this world, even if dark notions sprout within your heart, do not give in.”

When they first came to this world passing through Timeless River and they heard of that door, they remembered the warning Merlin had mentioned.

“What is this? It’s strange…” Donald said in an uneasy voice.

The Cornerstone of Light was kept within the Hall of the Cornerstone, and Minnie had said it was very important room. Though right now the Cornerstone of Light was sealed by Maleficent’s magic, it was regaining it’s original radiance. However upon the trio’s return, across from the Cornerstone of Light, a swirl of darkness leading to the world’s threshold was spreading out.

“What is something like that doing here?” Sora tilted his head in curiosity as he spoke.

But something in his heart was trembling. Maybe I’m remembering something again?

“Alright, let’s go!” Sora said as he wandered into the swirling pool of darkness. When they finally arrived, they were in a wasteland they hadn’t seen before.

They felt a strong wind whirl around them, as the dust cloud settled the figure of a man became visible across from them. The man wore armor and a low voice emitted from him.

“Aqua… Ven…”

Were those some people’s names? I haven’t heard them before.


As the word was being emitted from the man, without thinking Sora’s Keyblade appeared within his hand. Behind him, Donald and Goofy positioned themselves ready to defend.

“Who are you…? I feel that I’ve met you before…”

We’ve met before? But I don’t have any memory of meeting. Despite that, I can’t shake this apprehensive for some reason.

“You’re the one from that time… No, it’s not you. You’re not the one I chose…”

Sora didn’t understand a word of what he was saying. As he spoke, the man slowly began to stand. When he had stood, he muttered an unexpected name.

“Xe… ha… nort…? Xeha… nort… Xehanort!”

This guy knows who Xehanort is? Without a moment for a second thought, the armored man closed the gap between them at and attacked.

He’s strong!

It was an impossible strength.

Sora was tossed up into the air at once, and landed harshly against the ground.

But… I… I’ve known this before…?

Now wasn’t the time for thinking about such things. The man unleashed a fury of attacks upon him, chasing Sora down.


Donald was quick to send a healing spell Sora’s way. After regaining his composure, Sora somehow managed to fight back against the man in armor.

This guy is stronger than anyone I’ve faced before. I can’t think about it right now!

Pushing himself to the limit of his abilities, Sora mustered all his strength and fought against this man.

Who knows how long their battle went on, eventually the man stopped moving suddenly.

The man in armor stared at Sora, and spoke once more in a deep voice.

“I see… Your strength… What I felt from you…”

And slowly the armor ceased movement.


I don’t normally translate content from the novels, but I wanted to share this because it seemed a lot of fans misconceived the meaning of “Reconnect to Kingdom Hearts” when it displayed at the end of Birth by Sleep. The inclusion of these scenes from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix as the final chapter of the Birth by Sleep novel emphasizes the intention to go replay the old games and see how they connect rather than trying to instigate a new game title.