KH3D Details – Famitsu Special

The newest Weekly Famitsu issue is dedicated to Square Enix titles, showcasing the up and coming with a look at the history and past titles. The issue also has interviews with developer Tetsuya Nomura where he not only discusses the new 3DS title Theartrhythm Final Fantasy, but Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well.

Thanks to Aibo from FF-Reunion for tweeting a few previews from the interview!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Details

The story of 3D is quite mysterious and difficult to understand, the data within Sora is what you will be dealing with in 3D. 3D is being prepared in response to all those fans looking forward to KH3.

The current Xehanort saga will end in KH3. There are tentative plot ideas for after that too. The main character won’t change, it’ll be Sora.

Whether we’ll release an HD remake or not is another story, however we are considering doing an HD upgraded version of one of the past titles.

The development of 3D is currently around 40% to 50%. There will be a secret movie.

Traverse Town with “????” and “????” are show, showing a character raising steadily from the top of a building.

I’ll add more details as I translate. I’m buying the issue so expect high quality scans here if no one else posts any.

On another note, I hate when people don’t bother to announce their source. No, no one is ripping me off. I’m talking about “bigger” game blogs, maybe they think it makes them sound more authoritative but to those who no better, it just makes them look like asses.