SQEX おまけ

I haven’t had time to read through everything yet, but here’s some photos of the junk I’ve been buying.

I just picked up the Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded novel, as you can see it’s quite a bit thicker than the last volume of the Birth by Sleep novel. All the chapters in it go over the whole game, so don’t expect another volume. I’m not sure if anyone’s translating the Re:Coded one or not, but maybe I’ll start that if I have nothing better to do. I haven’t played Re:Coded, but I played Coded when it released on mobile phones and enjoyed it. That shit was challenging. Plus the final scene of it, it would totally be worth translating to get to it.

And look! Amano Shiro finally tossed in some illustrations! All the Birth by Sleep novels lacked them sans the covers, so even though there are only like 3 including the colored illustration, it’s nice that some visuals were tossed in.

Both issues of GFantasy featured Final Fantasy XIII-2 pages, but nothing new. Just the guys looking pretty. There are supposed to be some new screenshots releasing soon, so I’m looking forward to that.

And there’s the new volume of Kuroshitsuji! Ronald looks like a nerd on the cover. I’m glad I got it though, I haven’t been keeping up with it and I think this volume covers up to where the monthly issues pick up. Plus Grell makes his return to the manga, he’s one of my favorite characters, so happy Toboso brought him back! Plus he gets the cover of this month’s issue, a poster with Sebastian, and a themed pen, chainsaw included.

Rust Blaster is in there too, thought I would check out some of Toboso’s older work she did under the SQEX label. It’s alright, vampires and battles and little homoerotic. There’s only the one volume though, I can sort of see why.

There’s so much news on FF Type-0 to catch up on! I’ll do an update about it soon. There’s still lots to scan from the SQEX Famitsu Weekly issue, maybe even translate some of it if no one hasn’t already.


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  1. Hello, SQEXGAL! This is Skarsgård from the forums at KHInsider.com, at which I’m one of the administrators. I tried to get in touch with you on your Twitter but it appears you might not have noticed my tweet! I wanted to know if you could possibly get in touch with me at doom-desire.x@hotmail.co.uk as myself and some of the other staff members on our forums have expressed interest in talking with you and offering you a place on our staff. If you could email me as soon as you get this – I don’t have any other way of conversing with you as of yet – I would be very grateful! Thanks a lot!

    • I’m flattered for the offer, but I’ve already worked for KHInsider in the past and have no interest in returning, thank you though.

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