SQEX’s TGS 2011 Lineup

A close-up of Noctis's face as he draws his we...

"Though Versus XIII won't be premiered at TGS 2011, the next event for it has been decided."

Expect demos for Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Type-0, Theatrhythm, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance!

The downside is that Versus XIII is apparently going to be absent from the Square Enix booth on the Tokyo Game Show floor. I don’t doubt they’ll show a teasing trailer for it as they have in the past, but this time around as last time the focus will be on games with closer release dates.

FFXIII-2 is due in December for Japanese markets and it seems many fans are expecting a simultaneous release in the overseas as well, so of course that needs major marketing. Square Enix will also be holding an event September 10th prior to TGS 2012 inviting a number of fans from SQEX Members for a preview of the game at their Shinjuku office. I can only think it’s bound to have some really cool things on display and special omake, I’m a little jealous I can’t go.

Anyways, Type-0 releases even sooner in October, TGS is a great opportunity to have fans try it out and make a decision if they were on the fence about it. A demo for the game will be available for download this week too on the Japanese PSP network, I better charge up my PSP for it. The demo will likely resemble what was available at a recent event in Odaiba, seen below.

Last but not least, fans will finally get a chance to try out Kingdom Hearts 3D which has Nomura can’t stop raving about. Here’s some details I translated from his long interview in the 500th issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine, thanks to the summary by 速報@保管庫(Alt).

About the new gameplay system: From the collected […] made to do […] will be able to […]. Moreover, you’ll be able to […] and […].

/Looks like details from this were censored in the magazine. What’s up with that?

– The elements of surprise in KH3D are finishing up just right.
– As it stands, the quality we’re producing with this title is right about how we wanted.
– The schedule has been fairly severe, so the manufacturing is continuing at a quick pace.

– The trailer’s contents are implemented without problems.
– An example of the actions we’ve achieved, Sora can even run up walls.

– The motions of the characters in this one is the flashiest so far. Because of that, I think the impact of just running around leaves a strong impression.

– Though we can’t announce when the release date will be yet, but we want to put it out as soon as we can after the new year.

– Since it seems that right now in the KH series it’s difficult for new players to enter into it, with the 10th anniversary coming up we’ve been thinking of a way to catch their attention by renewing the older games. Part of that is looking at the HD capabilities of the older KH series.

I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks that an HD remakes would just be a waste? Re-releases available for download on the PS network would be just as satisfactory but I guess they’d need a point to hype it up again. Just add some new high quality CG scenes and everyone would buy the games again. Especially if they slipped in a few scenes that help tie the connections between all the recent releases with the older parts of the series.

Anyways, Nomura also illustrated the cover for the 500th issue with his “All-Star” characters he designed. It features FFXIII-2’s Lightning Sera and Noel, Versus XIII’s Noctis, and Type-0’s Machina and Rem. He lamented that he had a little trouble since he hadn’t drawn a cover for the magazine since FF7 Crisis Core‘s release. The issue also has comments from other SQEX staff including Yoshinori Kitase, Yusuke Naora, Motomu Toriyama, Hiromichi Tanaka, Hajime Tabata, etc.

The magazine hasn’t actually released yet though, so expect more details and a look at the cover art soon!