KH3D – TGS 2011

I know there are a million things I haven’t been updating about recently, and I will eventually, because I am extremely excited about the announcements Square Enix has been making. But until then, enjoy an accurate translation of the article Famitsu released about the Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer appearing at Tokyo Game Show 2011.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Releasing Spring 2012 in Japan

The trailer begins with Yen Sid’s voice explaining the circumstances of the adventure taking place this time around. It seems Riku and Sora will be contending to finally become Keyblade Masters. It takes place in “the world submerged in sleep”, but the details are still unknown. Also, there are the goblins who consume sleep called Dream Eaters.

Once again, Sora descends into Traverse Town, calling in search for Riku, when he hears the voice of a new character say, “The Noise are horrible…” The guest character appearing is Neku, the headphones toting main character from “It’s a Wonderful World” (The World Ends With You). It seems Neku is caught in the Reaper’s Game, where if you cannot complete the mission given by the Reapers, your existence will be eliminated. But he doesn’t have a partner; it seems Sora may be lending him a hand?

Then suddenly the round form of an adorable creature appears. That creature is shown rolling about on the flat top side of a hand using the camera function. Just like a puppy, you can see it’s belly. Seems you can pet it using the touch pad, it looks so cute when it’s eyes light up! It seems Sora befriends it, riding upon it during battle and hopping around upon it. Also, it’s so speedy it’s hard to tell what’s happening, but since the original concept of the title is “bold action”, it seems that the battles are more refreshing than anything in the series so far!

There is also a surprise in the final scene. There is a cutscene from Xehanort’s point of view, the camera faces Braig who says, “Has your memory returned?” Maybe this will be one of the memories explained in this title.

Just wanted to point out that this is the first mention of an actual 3Ds function being implemented into the Kingdom Hearts 3D title. The adorable creature hasn’t been named yet, but it seems it will use the card function so that players can interact and play with it in real time 3D. Wonder what else they’ll utilize?

Also make sure to read 1UP’s summary, which gives more details about the demo available. Also, check out Sora and Riku’s new outfits! Is Riku sporting a haircut or is this still an effect from them appearing younger in the world of sleep?