KH3D – Bosses

Another article translation, this time from Dengeki Online.

Play Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance at Tokyo Game Show!

The new Kingdom Hearts title featured at Tokyo Game Show 2011, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance was made available to the public to try for the first time ever. My name is Rusty, and I’ve played all the games since Kingdom Hearts 2 and my favorite was Winnie the Pooh. I was able to play the demo, you could choose between Sora and Riku’s scenarios.

Sora’s scenario takes place in Traverse Town, a place familiar to the series. Here Neku, the main character from DS title “It’s A Wonderful World” (The World Ends With You), appears. Though this is his debut appearance, I had looked forward to see them working together in the original series. For fans of Wonderful World (TWEWY), you definitely won’t want to miss it. In Riku’s case, he goes to the world of the Bells of Notre Dame called “Le Cité des Cloches”. Both Sora and Riku are accompanied in battle by friendly monsters called Dream Eaters.

It seems that this time Sora and Riku’s skills have improved some since they can use abilities like Glide and Air Slide with ease. Also like in the previous series, you are able to slide on handrails at high speeds. Now when you are doing the Air Glide ability, you can press the A button to jump kick a wall or spin on a pole, depending on the terrain. Since I hit the buttons repeatedly, and a staggering amount of action takes place, it’s super fun even if I’m only taking out the small fries.

As for the new system, when you press the A and X button at the same time the lock on marker changes during battle, the battle stops and an emblem appears on the lower screen. When you connect them with the touch panel, you invoke the “Reality Shift” attack. The way that Sora and Riku invoke the “Reality Shift” are each unique and the effects from it are different too, but both of them create strong attacks.

This time I was able to clear the bosses in both scenarios. Since both bosses were difficult, it was a challenge to use the Dream Eater companion abilities among other elements. As for the play impression of the two of them, Sora is more of a speed type while Riku is a little more of a power type. This game is coming Spring 2012. With Neku making a surprising appearance among other reasons, I look forward to seeing what sort of story unfolds this time.