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There are a lot of impressions coming out, but here is another article translation for anyone who was interested, this time from GameWatch.

Enjoy the evolved battle system of “Free Flow Action”!

As the first title of the Kingdom Hearts series for the 3DS, there are high expectations and for the first time in the world, a playable version is on display for the public. Since the crowds are expected to be very congested on the general admission days, if you’d like to try it out you are best off arriving early. When you try out the demo, you’ll have a choice of playing either Sora’s or Riku’s scenario.

Sora’s scenario, takes place in the series familiar “Traverse Town”. Sora seems to be separated from Riku when an orange haired boy appears. The boy is participating in some sort of game and is looking for a partner. There is a timer counting down engraved on the palm of his hand indicating the game is in effect.  Riku’s stage is “Le Cité des Cloches” where Quasimodo from the Bells of Notre Dame appears.

One of the biggest characteristics of the series is how easy it is to play and create a bright, flashy display of action in battle; and that’s apparent within 10 minutes of playing this title. What was particularly fun was utilizing the “Free Flow Action” option which allows the player to do abilities like gliding, kicking off walls, and swirling around poles in an instant, creating high speed action. Since it offers the most refreshing action elements of the series with the capability to move limitlessly through the sky while unleashing a flurry of attacks, you could say that the action aspects have evolved remarkably.

The method of utilizing the lock on markers has changed. By pressing the A and X button at the same time, you can invoke a “Reality Shift” which makes use of the touch panel screen and changes the operation mode of Sora and Riku. Since the battle can be interrupted while invoking a “Reality Shift”, you can mess with the touch panel screen without becoming impatient. The other uses of the touch panel include directing your 2 companion creatures called the Dream Eaters. Since all you have to do to put them in action is touch their icons, it seems that they will become powerful weapons in battle.

Furthermore, from the trailer shown in the open mega theater, we can confirm that there is an AR function that allows you to playfully interact with the Dream Eaters. Not only is the action enjoyable, but it seems there are various systems to look forward to in this title.

And in case you missed it, Gamespot has uploaded HD video footage of Riku’s demo scenario, check them out below! Hunchback of Note Dame is my favorite Disney movie, the scenario looks fantastic, along with The World Ends With You, I really couldn’t be more excited for this game!


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