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Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura took to the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter and tweeted some details about the new systems being introduced at the KH3D Dream Drop Distance demo at Tokyo Game Show 2011. I’ve translated them below.

Long time no tweet, it’s Nomura. Tomorrow will finally be general admission for Tokyo Game Show, the premier demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance has been prepared for it. There are 3 systems that you can experience firsthand; I’ll explain them a bit.

Free Flow Action

You can perform various bold actions by pressing the Y button depending on the terrain whether it is a wall, street post, handrail, etc. will allow you to kick off the wall, spin around the pole, or slide across the handrail.

For example, when you use the Y button to jump kick off a wall, you can press the Y button again to glide through the air for a longer period of time. Keeping it up, when you encounter a new object you can press Y again to perform a new action. Additionally, during Free Flow Action you can use a strong attack by pressing the A button, jump high with the B button, etc.; please discover the various Free Flow Action abilities!

Free Flow Action Simple Explanation

Press Y and fly towards an object > Continue actions by pressing Y > Use a strong attack with the A button or jump high with the B button. *In case you have trouble doing the Free Flow Action, try jumping in front of a target with the B button and then pressing Y.

Reality Shift

When you are fighting, a different cursor may be displayed on enemies and barrel like objects on the top screen. When that happens, press the X and A buttons at the same time and then look at the lower screen, you can now perform a special attack. In short, attack > wait for cursors to appear > press X and A at the same time.

Dual Link

In this game your companions will be the monsters called Dream Eaters, in the demo you start off where you already have 2 companions. When you fill up their gauge, the Dream Eaters’ icons flash. If you press their blinking icons on the bottom screen, you can initiate a cooperative attack with them. If you save up both their gauges, you can utilize them both at the same time for an especially strong cooperative attack.

That is the explanation of the 3 new systems being introduced. I’ve left out the details, but above all please try at least one of them in the demo. Moreover, I think you’ll all enjoy them.

During the boss fight in Riku’s scenario, you are flying through the air, however try daringly jumping off the building. In this stage Riku can fight midair so to some extent you can fight without falling. Since KH3D includes so many various bold actions, please try them out! Well then, have fun at TGS!


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