KH3D – Closed Trailer Details

So the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance  trailer that is floating online is the open theater trailer shown at TGS 2011, as per usual though, there was a separate, slightly more mysterious version of it played within the closed theater. Usually participants waiting for the demo are migrated into the closed mega theater so they can watch the trailers before they try out games. These extra scenes were reported by Arika from Rebirth Wings, I’ve translated them below for consistency.

Radiant Garden
There was no voices in this scene, just subtitles.
The viewpoint is shaky; the laboratory is in ruins as if an explosion occurred.
It seems to be from young Xehanort’s POV.
For a moment, Even and Ienzo are shown collapsed too.
Braig: Xehanort! What were you thinking?
As if something clicked when he heard those words, his shaky POV focuses on Braig.
Braig: Have your memories returned?
Xehanort summons a Keyblade.
He brandishes it towards Braig and seems on the verge of blacking out.

Arika was able to see this scene while waiting for the demo, this scene was voiced.
Neku: I’m Neku… Neku Sakuraba. That’s my name.
Sora: Neku Sakuraba? What an interesting name!
Neku: It’s nothing special.