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Thanks to for the image finds. I’ve translated some of the content from the pages, all of it is pretty much a regurgitation of what I translated yesterday though. Be sure to check out all the pics though, the details in the Hunchack of Notredame world are so awesome!

The KH3D World and Dream Eaters

To explain the stage that KH3D takes place in directly, it exists within a “dream” that you see. While there, Sora appears in the condition before he began his adventure so that even characters from the past titles don’t seem to know him. In an examination to become Keyblade Masters, Sora and Riku visit the world submerged in sleep. In that world there are creatures called Dream Eaters that devour dreams. Sora and Riku borrow their powers in order to fulfill their goal of awakening the world. However, the Dream Eaters are divided into the Nightmares which are enemies and Spirits which are allies.

Special techniques for fighting the large Dream Eaters!

If you fulfill the conditions when fighting a large bodied Dream Eater, you’ll be able to do a special command called “Blow Off”. If you unleash the Blow Off command, then you will fling your ally Dream Eater like a projectile after spinning it around.

Jiminy Cricket: Hm? Who are you? Children aren’t supposed to come in here!

Sora: Ah, yep. Are you… a goddess?

Pinocchio: Jiminy taught me all sorts of important things!

Laverne(?): You think we shouldn’t be able to talk?

Phoebus: How pathetic, having to rely on a kid.


4 thoughts on “KH3D – More Details

  1. I’m excited to see just how much are they putting into 3D. Images seem to depict the Court of Miracles, so I’m hoping for a Clopin appearance, and then a Frollo boss fight!

    And the Pinocchio world is a tad confusing, I’m guessing Monstro will become a part of it now, instead of just his own world, and everything is starting from the beginning, so Pinocchio is still wood in this one because he isn’t the same Pinocchio? (I’m speculating this because of the Jiminy Cricket intro stating it isn’t the same Cricket)

    Anyway, thanks for your great work! Can’t wait to get more info from Jump Festa!

  2. I’m relly looking for a fight with Frollo on the top of Notre Dame like the final sceen in movie!

  3. Sounds like a good new story. (Glad for lack of story-continuation…) I SOOOO hope we don’t have to go back to Monstro though…*cries* I’m not too sure how I feel about Riku’s haircut….hmm. It’s definitely weird to see him in jeans. xD I guess we’ll see, ne? :D

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