KH3D – Country of the Musketeers and TWEWY

Thanks to the info posted on FF-Reunion, we got a look at the newest world to be revealed in Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. Along with that, the exciting announcement that Neku won’t be the only character from The World Ends With You guest starring in this title. I’ve translated information from the scans below.

More characters from The World Ends With You return!

Along with Neku, his friends Josh, Beat, Shiki, and Rhyme will be making appearances in Traverse Town. Just like the many characters who have wound up there before, they too want to return to their home world.

Beat: “This time I want to protect Rhyme!”

On a similar note, Square Enix composer Takeharu Ishimoto who worked on The World Ends With You as well as Birth by Sleep has been tweeting that he’s been in the studio recently, arranging music for Kingdom Hearts 3D. He says the TWEWY songs have been coming along nicely!

A new world is introduced, “Country of the Musketeers”!

In this world Mickey Donald, and Goofy are musketeers and Sora will join their troupe in an effort against the Beagle Boys who seem be causing some sort of trouble at the Opera House. In this scenario, Minnie is not queen, but a princess and Mickey’s destined lover. Pete is Captain of the Musketeers, even though he is Mickey’s rival. Three new Dream Eaters are also introduced; the Frog Chef, Ear Bunny, and Null Bird.

Mickey and company: “One for all!”

Pete: “And now with this, you are all members of the Musketeers!”

A new system for leveling up Dream Eaters!

The bottom of the right scan also reveals a sort of mini game method of leveling up your teammate Dream Eaters. The name of the ability isn’t written, but you can see there is a game involving Mickey shaped balloons.

Jump Festa 2012 starts this week where KH3D will be featured with a trailer and demo, so please keep an eye out for new information as it comes!