Prepping for TGS 2010

Sony introduces the PSP at the Tokyo Game Show...

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I’m so excited! This will be my second time attending Tokyo Game Show, it marks the whole year I’ve lived in Japan.

What am I looking forward to? Kingdom Hearts news of course! And please let there be a new trailer Final Fantasy XIII Versus! I wouldn’t mind a replay of the trailer shown at Jump Festa 2010, but one with actual gameplay footage would be better.

The 3rd Birthday for PSP is certainly looking good. The last time I played a Parasite Eve game was the second one for the PlayStation. In other words, ages ago. I remember loving the story, characters, and concepts, but the gameplay on that… Wasn’t so great. But after playing Birth by Sleep, I am confident that SQEX has the capability of making a game that’s fun to play.

I know many people are looking forward to the newly announced Dissidia Duodecim. Can’t say I am though. I don’t care if you through Lightning from FFXIII into the game, Dissidia is boring. I really tried to enjoy it, but the storyline and graphics didn’t make up for the lackluster repeat battle styles.

Anyways! I’m getting up in a few hours, so off to bed with me. Look forward to the reports tomorrow!