Jump Festa 2011 – Reasons To Go

After my complaints, here are some reasons to tough the crowd and attend Jump Festa 2011.

The 3rd Birthday Demo – This was available at the SQEX Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2010, but the levels and equipment available this time will be different. Players can choose between Normal and Easy mode and enjoy testing them on Toshiba TVs that have been specified to fit the PSP’s resolution perfectly.

I enjoyed the demo, but to be honest, the graphic quality reminded me of the PlayStation versions of the games, which isn’t the greatest. Handling was 7/10, easy to lock on and shoot but overall a little uncomfortable. Regardless, Aya Brea is one of my favorite characters, I love how her storyline is being updated.

Dissidia duo decim Demo – Well, I’m not Dissidia’s biggest fan. But, seeing as Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII was recently announced as a playable character on the Cosmos side, I’ll admit my interest peeked. I mean, Lightning and Kain will be in it too, even if it’s just for fan service it might be worth buying. Besides, there’s always multiplayer mode. The duo decim has added the RPG mode which I tested at Tokyo Game Show but I can’t remember it being anything spectacular.

New SQEX Goods – Specifically the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Pendant and Ring that will be on display. They’re expensive but oh so lovely, I think they show a lot more thought and concern as far as design goes in comparison to the previous Kingdom Hearts jewelry.

Holiday Postcards – A collectors item available at the SQEX Booth! I got last year’s cardset, this year there will be a similar set being handed out while supplies last to visitors who earn a stamp from both the trailer and the demo areas of the booth. The insides are the same, but you can get a pack featuring either Dissidia or Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Jump Festa 2011 – Don’t Go

FFXIII Versus Screen

Stella Nox Fleuret from FFXIII Versus

Not to mention as the name implies, the event is mainly to premier Jump related material, such as Naruto and other series aimed at children and young adults. So the majority of the crows is impatient kiddies and their parents.

If that wasn’t reason enough, all the Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Agito material will be withdrawn from Square Enix’s booth at the event due to the press conference being held next month. Formerly known as Fabula Nova Crystallis, the conference is now known as the Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier. This premier event will be held on January 18 at the Toho Cinemas theater in Roppongi Hills, one week later from the previously announced date. Details on how to get your name down for admission will be announced through the Square Enix Members site shortly. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to attend this one!

The last premier party had an even more obscure name, DKS3713 Square Enix Private Party and was held at the same venue in 2008. I should post scans from the event report found in Cloud Message Magazine released shortly afterward. Ah, the olden days when Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, and Coded were all still mysterious.

Oh, there will be a trailer and demo of Birth by Sleep Final Mix as well but seeing as it will be a ticketed event, forging the aforementioned crowds is even less appealing. Though thinking back, I recall last year arriving too late and a kind hearted girl gave me her spare ticket to play. She made the whole ordeal worthwhile.