Fanime 2011 Preparations

I’m not usually the type to attend anime conventions. A lot of unwanted attention, weird people, and overpriced items, but occasionally, a guest will make it worth while.

Yuya Matsushita

Tomorrow night I’m catching a plane to San Jose, California to attend Fanime 2011. The only reason I’m going is to see him,  Yuya Matsushita. Later on they updated that Yoshiki of X-Japan will also be attending, though not performing, an added highlight.

I saw Yuya twice as he starred in the KuroshitsujiThe Most Beautiful DEATH in The World – 千の魂と堕ちた死神 as Sebastian Michaelis, the live action screen performance based on the Kuroshitsuji series. While he is also known as drama actor and pop singer, I wasn’t a fan until I saw him perform, he was simply amazing live. So when the opportunity for me to meet him arose, I had to jump.

I’ll do what video and photo coverage I can, share some cosplay and goods photos too. Not sure what to expect, never been before so we’ll see.

Claude Faustus and Alois Trancy on the cover.

Speaking of Kuroshitsuji, the Volume 9 DVD of Season 2 released yesterday. A new OVA episode about the Trancy household titled 蜘蛛の意図 was also included. Find it on PlayAsia! The special edition also includes a drama CD narrated by the voice actors from the anime.